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Difference between axial preloading method and radial preloading method for deep groove ball bearings

For deep groove ball bearings, they can be divided into mild pretension, moderate pretension, and heavy pretension according to the degree of pretension. According to the difference in the pretension direction, its pretension methods are mainly divided into two categories. One is the axial pre-tensioning method, and the other is the radial pre-tensioning method. So, what are the differences between the axial preload method and the radial preload method of deep groove ball bearings?

1.Different pre-tightening directions

As the name implies, the axial pre-tensioning method uses axial pre-tensioning, while the radial pre-tensioning method uses radial pre-tensioning.

2. Different application scope

The deep groove ball bearing axial pretensioning method is mainly used to prevent the occurrence of unbalanced vibration in the axial direction of the bearing. It is mainly used in some high-speed operation occasions, such as the use of mechanical equipment such as grinding machines. The radial pretension method is mainly suitable for bearings that can withstand radial loads, such as bearings with tapered bores. For this type of bearing to be preloaded radially, the force of the nut must be used to enable the inner ring of the bearing to obtain a sufficient amount of expansion, thereby achieving the method of radial preloading. Of course, this method has a smaller scope of application, mainly the use of machine tool spindles.

3.Different pre-tightening categories

For the axial pretension of a deep groove ball bearing, its pretension can be divided into two types: constant pressure pretension and positioning pretension. Radial pretension is generally not classified. For constant pressure pre-tensioning, the pre-tensioning method it uses is to use springs to obtain the appropriate pre-tensioning of the bearing, while positioning pre-tensioning uses adjusting the size of the gasket or bushing to obtain the appropriate pre-tensioning of the bearing. After the pre-tightening is completed, the positioning pre-tightening of the fixed-pressure pre-tightening has little change in its relative position.

In short, whether it is the axial preload or radial preload of a deep groove ball bearing, the preload of the bearing must be strictly controlled. The amount of pre-tension is directly related to whether the bearing can run smoothly and effectively. Too small pre-tension can easily cause premature failure of the bearing, and too large pre-tension will also affect the normal operation of the bearing.

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