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How to maintain deep groove ball bearings

In order to make full use of deep groove ball bearings and maintain their proper performance for a long time, regular maintenance must be done. Through proper periodic inspection, early detection of failures can be made to prevent accidents before they occur. Storage bearings are coated with an appropriate amount of rust-proof oil and packed with rust-proof paper at the factory. As long as the packaging is not damaged, the quality of the bearings will be guaranteed. However, for long-term storage, it is recommended to store it on a shelf 30cm above the ground under the condition that the humidity is less than 65% and the temperature is about 20 C. In addition, the storage place should avoid direct sunlight or contact with cold walls.

1. The bearings are strictly replaced periodically. The replacement cycle should be set reasonably according to the operating conditions of the bearings.

2. New bearings must be checked before use. The inspection contents are whether the packaging (with instruction manual and certificate of conformity) is intact; whether the identification (factory name, model) is clear; whether the appearance (rust, damage) is good;

3. The new bearings that pass the inspection may not be cleaned under normal conditions of use (motors with more than 2 poles); the new sealed bearings are not cleaned.

4. Bearing covers and bearings must be cleaned before oil change. Cleaning is divided into rough washing and fine washing. The oil for rough washing is clean diesel or kerosene, and the oil for fine washing is clean gasoline.

5. During rough cleaning, the old bearings are scraped with bamboo chips to remove waste oil, and then brushed with a soft brush in the cleaning solution. Brushing should be in the same direction, and it is strictly forbidden to rotate the rolling body. During fine washing, slowly rotate the bearing in oil and carefully clean it. Rinse twice with clean gasoline.

6. After the bearing is cleaned, it should be flexibly turned by hand to shake it radially and axially to determine whether it is loose or the gap is too large. Check clearance if necessary. If it is found that the ball or roller frame is severely worn, corroded, and the metal is peeled off, it should be replaced.

7. After cleaning and inspection of the bearing, dry the cleaning agent (or dry it) with a white cloth and add qualified grease. It is not allowed to add different types of grease in the same bearing.

8. Do not allow dust in the surrounding environment when refueling; use clean hands to refuel, slowly rotate the entire bearing with one hand, and press the oil into the bearing cavity with the middle and index fingers with one hand. After adding one side, proceed to the other side. Remove excess grease based on the number of motor poles.

9. Bearing and bearing cap refueling amount: The bearing cap oil amount is 1/2 to 2/3 of the bearing cap capacity (the maximum number of motor poles is the upper limit); The maximum number of poles is the upper limit).

10. Motor end caps with oil fill holes and oil drain holes must also be cleaned during oil changes to keep the channel open. Fill the oil filling hole when filling.

11. Motors with oil replenishment holes must be replenished regularly. The oil replenishment period is determined according to the motor operation requirements and operating conditions.

12. When refueling, the refill port must be clean. The amount of oil replenishment is limited to a bearing temperature rise of only 2 C.

13. When disassembling and disassembling the bearing, make sure that the force point is correct and the force is uniform.

14, when the bearing is installed, the contact surface is evenly smeared with a little grease. After the bearing is installed, check the bearing inner ring and shoulder clearance.

15. The heating temperature of the bearing hot-sleeve method is controlled to 80 to 100 C, and the time to 80 to 100 C is controlled within 10 minutes. Ensure oil heating Use non-corrosive mineral oil with good thermal stability. The oil and container should be clean. A metal net is set at the oil tank at a distance of 50 * 70mm from the bottom, and the bearing is placed on the net. Large bearings must be hung with hooks.

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