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Low noise deep groove ball bearing manufacturing technology

The application of low-noise bearings is becoming more and more extensive, and the requirements for them are becoming more and more demanding. Domestically, the vibration level was mainly emphasized in the past, and the peak control was added later. Nowadays, more attention is paid to the level of sound (different sound control), and the sensory requirements of customers are often the criteria for judgment.

For bearings with low noise requirements, the internal structure design of the bearing should be appropriately improved. For example, the selection of the number of steel balls, the selection of groove curvature, the application of cage materials, etc. But no matter what kind of structure is selected, the vibration and sound caused by the rotation of the bearing itself can not be avoided, and the reasonable structure can only reduce those vibration and sound that occur at the natural frequency of the bearing to a certain extent.

The sounds produced by rolling bearings are mainly channel sounds. The main causes of channel sounds are the waviness and roughness of the channel and the surface of the steel ball, regardless of the influence of the inner and outer channel surfaces on the vibration and sound. How big is the ratio, after all, the channel is a constraint that limits the range of motion of the steel ball (and the inner or outer ring). In actual production, although the grooves of the inner and outer rings such as groove diameter, groove position, groove side swing, roughness, roundness, waviness, groove shape and error are controlled, the production of low-noise bearings It is said that the difference between the overall channel and the theoretical channel formed by the errors of these items on the same ring is a comprehensive reflection of the source of bearing vibration and noise. Due to comprehensive reasons such as adjustment, the difference between the equipments is too large, or the reference surface is not processed, which will have a great impact on the vibration and noise of the bearing. The one-to-one connection of the device has great benefits for the coincidence of the reference. However, the current popular composite connection, that is, a super-precision machine simultaneously super-products made by two grinding channels, the grinding processing efficiency has been improved, but it is precisely because of the effect of the difference in the table that the channel ultra-fine The mutual position with the channel changes from time to time. It has a very bad impact on the production of low-noise products.

In order to achieve online automated production, each piece of equipment must be in a controllable state, that is, the equipment should have sufficient process capabilities, and the various requirements of the corresponding processing process must be detailed, such as the basic design of the equipment when processing a product Requirements such as setting, adjusting specifications, working conditions of tooling tools, confirmation of equipment capabilities, and periodic inspections.

Problems with circulation and storage of ferrules

The transportation, on-line storage, and loading and unloading of the ferrules on the automatic production line are completed by the automatic conveying mechanism and the hopper. If we only pay attention to the completion of the action and not the quality of the action, there is a certain effect on the quality of the product Great influence. If the width of the trough is too wide, the flange of the ferrule will collide with the channel and cause channel bump injury. The inclination of the flow section of the trough is not enough, and the cushioning effect between the ferrules will be lost. Only sufficient inclination can make the ferrule slowly roll in the trough, which is no less than bumps and injuries caused by collision.

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