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Requirements for bearing cage materials

General requirements for cage materials

1. Has low hardness and high wear resistance. Although materials with high hardness have higher wear resistance, if a high hardness material is used as a cage, the rolling elements will be worn, which will adversely affect the rotation performance and even produce "Cohesion."

2. Since the cage is subject to repeated tensile and compressive stresses, high fatigue strength is required; necessary elasticity and toughness; and centrifugal resistance.

3. The cage is lightweight and uses a low-density material so that the friction loss of the bearing is small and the impact of the rolling elements in and out of the load area can be eased.

4. Good plasticity and cutting performance; sufficient rigidity and flexibility.

5. The friction coefficient between the ferrule and the rolling element is small.

6. Chemically stable, not easy to rust.

Additional requirements for cage materials

1. The surface is wettable, that is, it can attach or store lubricants;

2. Good thermal conductivity and fast heat dissipation; large heat capacity and heat resistance;

3. Have certain vibration absorption ability, not easy to have resonance with other parts,

4. Not easy to generate noise.

Special requirements for cage materials

1. Where corrosion resistance is required, because the cage does not require extra high hardness, austenitic stainless steel can be used, and 0Cr18Ni9 steel is much used;

2. At high temperature, austenitic stainless steel with sufficient high temperature strength is also used;

3. When it is particularly necessary to improve the strength of the cage, a low carbon steel plate can be used for carbonitriding surface treatment;

4. Under self-lubricating conditions, graphite steel cages or porous materials that can store oil can be used to make cages;

5. When working in a magnetic field, sometimes it is required that the material does not interfere with or be affected by the external magnetic field.

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