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Advantages of deep groove ball bearings over plain bearings

We all know that plain bearings and deep groove ball bearings are very common in our usual work process, but we know very well about their shape, they know about their uses, but for their true deep groove ball The difference between bearings and plain bearings is not very clear. Now let's take a look at the advantages of deep groove ball bearings compared to plain bearings.

1. The deep groove ball bearing has a small friction coefficient, so the friction resistance and starting friction torque are small, and the power consumption is small.

2. Dimensions: international standardization, serialization and generalization, suitable for mass production, good interchangeability, easy installation and disassembly and maintenance;

3. Deep groove ball bearings have a small internal clearance and high machining accuracy. The rigidity of the bearing can be improved by applying a preload, which is very important for precision machinery;

4. Deep groove ball bearings have high power transmission efficiency, less heat generation, convenient lubrication and maintenance, and save lubricants;

5.Wide range of load spreading speed and working temperature, a small amount of working conditions, and little impact on bearing performance

6. Generally, most types of bearings can bear radial and axial loads in time, which can simplify the structure.

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