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Is it better to add more bearing grease?

As everyone knows, the use of grease in bearings is very important. Then someone will ask, is it possible to use grease to lubricate the bearings indefinitely? When and how much oil should be changed? In fact, these problems are complicated problems of bearing maintenance technology.

The answer to the question of whether grease can be used indefinitely is not possible. Because excessive use of grease is harmful to the bearing.

Grease has a good effect on bearings. It has good adhesion, wear resistance, temperature resistance, rust resistance and lubricity. It can improve high temperature oxidation resistance, delay aging, dissolve carbon deposits, and prevent metal wear debris. Agglomeration with oil stains, improving the wear resistance, pressure resistance and corrosion resistance of the machine.

However, the more the grease is filled, the greater the friction torque. With the same filling amount, the friction torque of the sealed bearing is greater than that of the open bearing. After the grease filling amount is equivalent to 60% of the internal volume of the bearing, the friction torque no longer increases significantly. This is because most of the grease in the open bearings has been squeezed out, and the grease in the sealed bearings has also been lost.

With the increase of the grease filling amount, the temperature rise of the bearing increases linearly. At the same filling amount, the temperature rise of the sealed bearing is higher than that of the open bearing. It is generally believed that the grease filling amount of sealed rolling bearings must not exceed about 50% of the internal space.

Generally speaking, the lubrication schedule of a bearing is time-dependent. Equipment suppliers often develop lubrication plans based on operating hours. Also, equipment suppliers often add guidance on the amount of lubricant during their maintenance planning process. For workers, short-term oil changes are very common, and more grease is often added.

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