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Deep groove ball bearing processing technology steps

In order to enable deep groove ball bearings to get better performance, general manufacturers will carry out process procedures, which will not only improve the quality of deep groove ball bearings, but also improve the aesthetics of the bearings and reduce the degree of friction. In order that everyone can more fully understand the deep groove ball bearing processing process, I will give you the following detailed introduction.

Deep groove ball bearing processing process steps:

1. Tube blank processing: The bearing steel is heated in a heating furnace to 1150 C to 1200 C, and the heated tube blank is perforated with a piercer to make a capillary tube;

2. Spheroidizing annealing: The spheroidizing annealing of the capillary tube, the hardness of the capillary tube after annealing is HRB88 94;

3. Hot rolling of the billet: The annealed capillary tube is sent to a heating furnace for secondary soaking; the capillary tube after the second soaking is reduced in diameter, reduced in wall, and extended to form a rough tube;

4. Pipe blank shaping and cutting: The rough pipes pass the sizing unit for sizing and shaping, and then straightening and cutting to form a kit;

5. Recrystallization annealing: The package is recrystallized and annealed to eliminate work hardening, thereby facilitating cold rolling;

6. Soft grinding kit: soft grinding the double end of the kit first, then soft grinding the outer circle of the kit, first grinding the double end, and then grinding the outer circle. To ensure that the outer diameter surface of the part is always on the same plane as the pallet, to ensure that the outer diameter taper is within the control range, to adjust the angular relationship between the two grinding wheels in double-end surface grinding, to control the parallelism of the end surface, and to use the end accuracy as a post process Datum surface for machining; centerless grinding for outer circle;

7. Kit fine holes: Drill stop bolt holes and oil holes on the surface of the kit, and rough the inner hole surface of the kit to prepare for the cold rolling inner hole surface;

8. Cold rolling expansion kit: For the cold rolling expansion of deep groove ball bearing ring races, the core roller feed speed has 6 stages during the cold rolling process, and the speed range is 0.4mm / s 1.0mm / s. The trajectory within one processing cycle of the curve is fast, slow, slow, until stopped; the rolling time is between 6s and 14s, and the rolling pressure is 80KN;

9. Turning kit: chamfer the kit and seal the groove;

10, precision grinding kit: precision grinding kit, improve the surface accuracy of the kit;

11. Install bearings: put balls between the rings, install cages, inject grease, install seals, and complete the assembly of deep groove ball bearings

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