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About Deep Groove Ball Bearing Installation and Adjustment

Deep groove ball bearing is a kind of rolling bearing which is widely used. It is characterized by low friction resistance and high speed. It can be used on components that can bear radial load or combined load acting on both radial and axial directions. Automotive and tractor gearboxes, machine tool gearboxes, general machines, tools, etc. Moreover, bearing noise is inevitable, so many people choose low-noise deep groove ball bearings to use when checking the bearings. Is the installation and adjustment of low-noise deep groove ball bearings the same as those used in normal times? Today, I will share with you the correct installation and adjustment methods of low-noise deep groove ball bearings.

1. The installation and adjustment of low-noise deep groove ball bearings can also follow the grouping method of long-life deep groove ball bearings, so that the interference interference is more consistent, and the clearance of deep groove ball bearings is more consistent. Take a smaller value within the possible range to ensure that the deformation of the deep groove ball bearing raceway is small, so that the noise caused by the passing of the rolling elements is reduced. Our company also sells various types of TBI rail sliders.

2. If there is an unpleasant sharp howling sound during operation, it means that the deep groove ball bearing has too much pre-tightening, and the deep groove ball bearing has a large pre-interference. It should be slightly loosened. If the clearance is too large, the two deep groove ball bearing rings can be slightly offset in the axial direction: both the clearance and the axial rigidity are reduced, and the noise of the deep groove ball bearing can be reduced.

3. Clearance has a great relationship with noise. Ideally, when the deep groove ball bearing is in a high temperature running state, the clearance value is just zero. The method of judging the excessive clearance is as follows: the static state causes axial displacement, the reciprocating amplitude is large, and a large and heavy noise is emitted during operation.

4. Sometimes, due to the large operating temperature range of the host, or the large dispersion in the dimensions of the shaft and the seat hole, a more appropriate clearance cannot be obtained in one adjustment. In this case, the outer ring of the deep groove ball bearing can be adjusted. Adopt the elastic constant pressure pre-tightening method.

5. When the rolling element enters the no-load zone, it will slip or move left and right. This will increase the noise and cause wear. Small clearance and large axial stiffness can eliminate this phenomenon. However, the clearance must not be too small, so as not to cause excessive temperature and shortened life.

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